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Introduction from the Author

"Welcome, thank you for visiting, and I  thank  you for your support of my intellectual work. I hope that my books will bring that little extra knowledge or minuscule insight that will make an enormous difference in your life's intellectual journey. I also hope that my books will entertain you in the most subtle of ways."

- Patricia Yunghanns





Look for my book on Race and Slavery, along with the American Founding Promise: Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020.




About The Author 


Patricia Yunghanns writes for a YouTube news channel known as "Human Rights News by Patricia Yunghanns".


As a working author, she writes about science and philosophy in the form of fiction but through the perspective of evolutionary history. Yunghanns wrote her first memorable poem at the age of fifteen and has had a drink recipe published in a cookbook. The author's education has been broad, including a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a written dissertation in philosophy, and a Magistère from the Sorbonne.


In addition to writing, Yunghanns gives backs to society and has been a dedicated charity volunteer for different charity causes. She has worked helping US Military servicemen in times of emergencies under the American Red Cross. She also worked on the original national AIDS research project. She has volunteered as a board of directors' member for Friends of Abused Children.


Yunghanns has lived on the island of Palm Beach for the last two decades.